Find Your Account (by Email or P Number)

The email is often your company email address, but may be a personal email as well.
P Number:
First Name:
As it appears on your paystub
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As it appears on your paystub
Frequently Asked Questions

What should I provide for my P Number?

Please use your P Number

How do I find my "P" Number?
Look up your name in the Global Address List in Outlook. Right click on your name and select Properties to find it.

New Team Members ?

If you are having problems locating your account, especially if you were hired after 10/17/2018, please check back on 10/24/2018 while your eligibility for T-Mobile Perks at Work is verified.

If you were hired before 10/17/2018 and have problems locating your account, please reach out to your HR/Benefits administrator about obtaining access to T-Mobile Perks at Work and/or Contact Us.

T-Mobile Discounts and Perks is now T-Mobile Perks at Work
In addition to employee pricing, we've incorporated more T-Mobile Perks and Programs.
To use our new program, click the above link or visit and log in using your existing username and password.
This transition is designed to be smooth and stress free. Any WOWPoints or pending purchases will be transferred automatically.